Simon Alberti Group

Organization of cytoplasm across space and time

Alexander Von Appen Group

Structural Self-Organization of Membranous Organelles

Jan Brugués Group

Self-organization of biological structures

Stefan Diez Group

Molecular Transport in Cell Biology and Nanotechnology

Stephan Grill Group

Physics of Life

Anthony A. Hyman Group

Organization of the Cytoplasm

Frank Jülicher Group

Theory of Biological Systems and Processes

Moritz Kreysing Group

Biophotonics and self-organization

Dora Tang Group

Dynamic Protocellular Systems

Agnes Toth-Petroczy Group

Protein plasticity and evolution

Christoph Zechner Group

Protein plasticity and evolution

Tyler Harmon Group

Theory and simulation of biomolecular condensates

Ellen Adams Group

Physical Chemistry of Biomolecular Condensates

Felix Mueller-Planitz Group

The biogenesis and function of the nucleosome landscape

Marcus Jahnel Group

Dynamics of Biomolecules

Participating Institutes