Introductory Topics

In this section, Mariona Esquerda Ciutat presents a set of videos to explain the fundamental concepts, under the title “A quick intro to…”, upon which the study of biomolecular condensates is based. Science Sketches by other researchers can also be found in this section.

Video Abstracts

In this section, ongoing research papers are summarised in engaging two-minute videos by Mariona Esquerda Ciutat and other scientists. Video descriptions including the link to the publication can be found by clicking the video title.

About the author

Mariona is a science communicator based at the MPI-PKS and MPI-CBG.  She creates Science Sketches focused on the research done in Frank Jülicher’s and Tony Hyman’s research groups. Previously, she was teaching at the Princeton International High School for Mathematics and Science in Princeton, New Jersey. She has a bachelor’s in physics from the University of Barcelona and a master’s in geophysics from the same university. She also has a master’s in high school education from Pompeu Fabra University.

Since 2017, she hosts a YouTube channel called “La Dimoni de Maxwell” in which she talks about physics in Catalan. She is one of the founders of Neurones Fregides, a science communication community in Catalunya. As a member of Neurones Fregides, she has participated in and organized different popular science activities such as exhibitions, interviews, live streams on social media, and radio shows.