PhD Student (m/f/d)

Project Title

Design, synthesis and characterization of dynamic protocells by cell free expression

Brief summary

A precise understanding of how membrane-free droplets, formed by liquid-liquid phase separation, can tune and regulate biochemical reactions in biological cells and during the origin of life is still in its infancy. To address this, the Tang lab utilises synthetic membrane- free droplets based on coacervation, with specific focus on:

  • the design and synthesis of dynamic hybrid protocellular systems with features of membrane-free and membrane bound compartmentalisation;
  • determining the role of membrane free compartmentalisation on regulating the kinetics and thermodynamics of enzyme reactions.

Qualification of the candidate

Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics – Our multi-disciplinary approach bridges synthetic biology, physical chemistry and materials science with a strong emphasis on biophysical techniques for the quantitative characterization of our minimal models.

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