PhD Student (m/f/d)

Project Title

Reconstitution of DNA loop extrusion and transcription dynamics in cell-free extracts.

Brief summary

We aim at elucidating the mechanisms that drive chromatin organization in the nucleus. We have recently provided the first direct proof of DNA loop extrusion in a cellular context by reconstituting this process on single DNA molecules in cell extracts. We also have shown that capillary forces driven by transcription factors lead to the emergence of DNA condensates, providing a new physical principle that could explain how distant DNA sequences meet to initiate and regulate transcription in the nucleus. Our assay puts us in a unique position to reconstitute complex processes such as the interplay between transcription and loop extrusion in cellular contexts, and ultimately understand the processes that organize chromatin in space and time. Details here.

Methods to be used

In vitro assays / Live imaging of embryos / Quantitative microscopy / Biophysical methods

Qualification of candidate

We are currently looking for both experimental biophysicists as well as cell biologists/biochemists with interest in quantitative measurements and microscopy

More info

For an idea of the current project please check our most recent paper on DNA loop extrusion

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