We’re currently hiring!

We’re looking for Master and PhD students. Get in touch if you love epigenetics, genomics, and long-read sequencing as much as we do! Especially if you have an affinity not only for molecular biology but also for bioinformatics!

Students interested in a PhD project should apply to the Dresden International Graduate School for Biomedicine and Bioengineering (DIGS-BB).

We are also supporting fellowship applications of outstanding postdoctoral researchers who wish to join our lab. Funding is available through various organizations (Humboldt foundation, HFSP, EMBO, DAAD, etc.).

Contact: felix.mueller-planitz@tu-dresden.de


Remodeling enzymes set up the canonical nucleosome organization of genes. In an ATP hydrolysis-dependent manner, remodelers open up a “nucleosome depleted region” (NDR) and generate an array of nucleosomes with even spacing downstream of the transcription start site (arrow; bottom). Without remodelers (top), cryptic promoters open up leading to spurious transcription.